Glass straight line double edging production lineSDE-L4525/3625/3025/2525
Power supply3-Phase, 415/380/220V, 50/60Hz as required
Total power105 kW
Grinding spindlesEach side 10 spindles+1 corner-cut (or 1 film remover)
Glass thickness4-30mm
Minimum glass size300X300mm
Maximum glass sizeSDE-L4525: 4500X2500mm
SDE-L3625: 3600X2500mm
SDE-L2525: 2500X2500mm
Processed profileFour flat edge with arris plus corner-cut (or film remove)
Machine is equipped an automatic squaring device
Grinding precisionWidth precision<0.5mm (1000mm); Diagonal precision<±0.5mm (1000X1000mm)
Glass feeding speed0.5m/min-8.0m/min
Glass thicknessAC motor with linear position sensor
Glass size adjustmentServo system
Timing belt conveyor drivingServo system
Glass feeding speed adjustmentDirectly input the speed you need on the touch screen HMI
Touch screen HMI are for setting, controlling and displaying the processing parameter
Working table height850mm
Wheels and grinding spindle configurationAll wheels except corner-cut (or coat remover) are Cup-shape wheels;
Corner-cut wheel is peripheral diamond wheel; Film remover wheel is peripheral BK wheel Polishing wheels are lifted pneumatically.

Each machine each side spindle configuration:

Pos.1 Diamond 150mm, grain size #100 segment type, 4.0kW for flat edge

Pos.2 Diamond 150mm, grain size #240, 2.2kW for flat edge

Pos.3 Resin 150mm, grain size #240, 2.2kW for flat edge

Pos.4 Resin 130mm, grain size #150, 1.75kW for upper arris

Pos.5 Polishing 130mm, 10S40, 1.75kW for upper arris

Pos.6 Resin 130mm, grain size #150, 1.75kW for bottom arris

Pos.7 Polishing 130mm, 10S40, 1.75kW for bottom arris

Pos.8 Resin 150mm, grain size #320, 2.2kW for flat edge

Pos.9 Polishing 150mm, 10S40, 2.2kW for flat edge

Pos.10 Polishing 150mm, CE3, 1.5kW (Low speed) for flat edge

Pos.11 Diamond 75mmX22mmX40mm, grain size #180, 0.17kW for corner-cut
Or 175X22X25 BK wheel, 2.2kW for coat remove
Water pumpAC motors 0.4 kW 2 sets for each machine
Movable table droved by double L/M roller guide and double roller screw with lubrication system
Upper/bottom conveyorTiming Belt
Turning tableUp/down type automatic turning table
There is high speed moving function during glass transferring
Operating methodContinuous running and manual feeding
Overall dimensionsSDE-L4525: 14850X8250X1800mm
(Includes circulatory water tank)

SDE-L3625: 13050X8250X1800mm
(Includes circulatory water tank)

SDE-L2525: 10850X8250X1800mm
(Includes circulatory water tank)