Lavadora Horizontal para Low-E

Washing & Drying MachineModel WH22CB3N2
Max glass width2.2m
Min glass size300mm x 500mm
Glass thickness2.5mm ~ 25mm
Max washing speed2.5mm ~ 6mm              ≥12m/min
8mm ~ 10mm               ≥8m/min
12mm or over               ≥5m/min
Water consumption       ≤ 1.5 ton of fresh water per shift (8 hours)
Main Configuration
Installed power78kw, 380/415/440VAC, 50/60Hz, 3ØNG
Including centrifugal fan18.5kw 
Pumps3kw (0.55*4)
Drives and control8kw
Water heaters36kw
Air heaters12kw
Main structureLoader – washer – dryer – unloader
Roller beamHeavy duty Al profile
Roller drivefrequency drive, speed = 3 ~ 12/min
Conveyer height900±30mm
Pre-rinseDouble side pre-rinse
Pre-rinse air knivesNone
Brush driveUpper – lower independent, 2 x 1.5kw inverter drive
Water nozzles4 pairs, stainless tube nozzles
Water tanks4 drawer tanks made of SUS304
with inclined bottoms

#1 and #2 water circuit have
temp-controlled water heaters.
The max working water temp.
can be up to 60⁰C.
All tanks has water level control
taps and low-water alarm
Air knives2 pairs of composite air knives: SUS201 + Aluminum top
Centrifugal fan18.5kw, mounted on upper frame.
 Air heaters installed inside manifold
Control panelButton/knob control

The main control cabinet is integrated
on top of the main machine.
All connections are collected into
a few aviation sockets. The installation is idiot
proof and the whole machine is plug-and-run
Loading table extension1200mm
Unloading table extension1200mm
Equipment dimensionsEquipment dimensions
Equipment weightApprox. 3200kgs
List of Main Parts
Control ScreenWeinview
MotorsWEG, all IP55
PumpsCSP, Grundfos or Wilo
FanCSF (China Southern Fan)
BrushesHanci OEM (with 100% Nylon 1010 hair)
TransformerEaton or Juche
Push buttonsIdec
Low-voltage partsSchneider, Siemens, Mitsubishi or equivalent brands
Pneumatic partsAirtac